If you’ve been watching American Idol with me, you know that this week on Thursday we moved from the local auditions to Hollywood week.  There were some awesome 2nd auditions and some ummm….not so awesome ones too.  I just feel so bad for those people that get sent home here.  You get so excited and start feeling like it just might happen for you and this just might become your reality and then bam…before you even open the door it slams back in your face.  Not cool.  It’s the way it goes though.

On a different note, I was worried I wouldn’t like the show as much this year with all of the judge changes, but I am liking it just fine.  In fact, I’m actually surprised at how much things seem the same even with the big changes they’ve made.  The premise of the show remains the same…looking for the best singing talent in America and I suppose this is the part of the show I have been addicted to all along because I am as glued to my screen this season as I have been in season’s past…even with the new judges. 

I am really liking the new judges actually.  It is nice to hear new comments and different takes on the classic scenarios the show has seen over the years.  We still have Randy to “keep it real dawg” so it’s all good. 

This week’s least favorite contestant in my opinion was the girl who came out and made an announcement before her audition saying that she was tired of others coming out and trying to do what she knew she could do.  Yuck!  Haven’t you seen the show?!  You need to know how to sing AND be likeable girl.  You got through on your singing this week, but how do you think you’re going to find anyone for group week that wants to work with your ego after you’ve just insulted everyone else there?  Hello! 

What was your favorite moment from this week’s Idol episodes?