We’ve been to many-a Zoinks birthday parties in the past two years and TallyKid has enjoyed them all.  I recently posted about the fact that Zoinks has become Fun Station Jr.  They have made some nice improvements such as adding more games which make for an even nicer party. 

A couple weekends ago TallyKid was lucky enough to be invited to a double header Fun Station Jr. party.  What more could a kid ask for than two, back to back, birthday parties at a place called Fun Station Jr.?  Not much I tell ya.  The birthday kids were friends of hers that happen to be twins and this year, although they chose the same place, they were set on their own birthday parties.  They are, after all, 5 years old now.  Honestly, the parents had no choice because the party rooms can only hold so many kids.  After each child invited their classmates and some other random friends, they were in need of two rooms.  TallyKid had the honor of being invited to both birthday parties.  She had two times the bouncing, two times the gaming, two times the cake, two times the rides, two times the pizza, etc., etc., etc.  She was partied OUT by the time we left.   

The most important part of a kid’s party, if you ask me, is to make sure the kid’s have an extraordinarily fantastic time.  From the looks on everyones’ faces, they sure did.  For this reason alone, you can say Fun Station Jr. is a great place to have a kid’s birthday party.  On top of that, I noticed the staff was extremely helpful.  The place was hoppin’ (get it:) and there was plenty of help working.  On top of the parties going on, there were walk ins, and for every guest in the house…tokens to be given, gifts to keep up with, rooms to get ready, games to load tickets in to, tickets to exchange to prizes, food and drink to be sold, greetings to give, questions to be answered……the staff just worked together to get it all done seamlessly.  At one point, TallyDad asked how many parties were going on that day and the answer was a shocking 25!!! 

The party parents were easily able to enjoy themselves and socialize with the other parents.  They didn’t have to worry about a thing except bringing a cake; well, two cakes.  Even with two parties taking place at overlapping times, they were cool, calm and collected thanks to the Fun Station Jr. staff.   

The party fun included jumping in the bounce houses, playing the arcade/video games, getting prizes, riding on the “roller coaster” game, eating pizza, singing happy birthday, having cake, playing more games and getting in the last few jumps before we collected our goodie bag and headed home.  I’d say they were speaking the truth when Fun Station Jr. said they’ve made some great changes to their facility and to their party packages.  The only downside to a morning or afternoon at Fun Station Jr. is you, the parent, leave with your ears ringing and your head spinning….it is loud and there’s a lot going on in there.  It was definitely stimulation overload for poor TallyBaby that morning.  Oh, well.  All in the name of FUN for our kids right?! 

If you’re planning a kids party I’d say this would definitely be worth looking in to. 

Have you been to a party at Fun Station Jr.?

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