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Last year, in July, FSU Credit Union decided to begin a program called Borrow 4 Less, Give Back More.  The idea was to take something good and make it even better.  The something good was the fact that folks were saving money on new and refinanced loans with FSU Credit Union, and the something better was that for each loan taken out, FSU Credit Union donated money to a local charity.  From July to December of 2013 this continued and each month a local charity, from Capital Area Red Cross to Leon County Humane Society, and many in between, received a sizable donation.  In total, $17,250 was donated,  meaningful partnerships were formed, and countless dollars were saved by new and existing FSU Credit Union members.

Counting all of this as a success, Borrow 4 Less, Give Back More continues in 2014.  Auto loans taken out at FSU Credit Union will directly benefit a different local charitable organization each month.  $10 per eligible loan will be donated to the highlighted organization of the month.  You get a loan with a great rate, saving you money, and FSU Credit Union gives money back to our community.

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