June 30, 2014

Thank you for another great blackberry year. Picked out and we’re closing for the season. Great having you here. Hope all of your cobbler, jelly, brandy, crisps and fresh berries were delicious. See you next spring.


Wakulla Berries - sign

Have you been to Wakulla Berries yet this summer?  Their blackberries are so delicious and the picking is super easy.  Our family of four picked over four pounds in just under an hour, and we were in no rush at all.  Picking season is from about mid June through mid July and this year the berries are plentiful, large and juicy.  Upon arriving at Wakulla Berries, simply grab a container from the ones provided and head out to start picking.  You’ll pay on your way out, and, if you’re like us, start munching away on the way home.
Wakulla Berries was recently featured on the Kool Beanz Cafe dessert menu. They made our dessert menu at home too, but I guess that’s not quite as newsworthy.  You can visit Wakulla Berries during the hours listed below, however it’s best to call ahead, (850) 228-7942, and ensure the supply of ripe berries is sufficient for picking.  The farm also closes for weather and can stay closed for several days after a storm.  Wakulla Berries is located at 252 Wakulla Springs Road in Crawfordville.  The cost is $4.50 per pound. Don’t forget to say hi to the donkeys and turkey too.
U-Pick Hours
Monday | 7am-11am
Tuesday | 7am-11am & 4pm-6:30pm
Wednesday | 7am-11am
Thursday | 7am-11am & 4pm-6:30pm
Friday | 7am-11am
Saturday 7am-7pm
Sunday | 7am-6pm
More About Wakulla Berries

Wakulla Berries - berriesWe are a two family business located in Wakulla County.  We allow customers to come to our farm and pick their own berries from mid June until about mid  July.  This is our second year of operation and last year was great.  We received the Agricultural Innovator award for 2012 and 2013 from UFAS and Farm Credit and Farm Family of the year for Wakulla County in 2013 from Farm Bureau.