Living in this time of anxiety, with the specter of war hanging over our heads, how do you get through it?

Turning off the television, radio or smart phone and refusing to listen to the news, may give us a break, but the situation is still out there whether we want to accept it or not.  I admit to being a news junkie and have been since I was young, however I’ve become weary of the sensationalism of the “breaking news.”

If you are seasoned enough, as am I, to remember when television shut off at midnight, maybe we should go back to it and eliminate the constant pounding of one crisis after another, all brought to us in living and too often, bloody color.

Were you around during the Cuban Missile Crisis?  We stockpiled food and water, some built bomb shelters and our schoolchildren were taught to duck under their desks.  Such days of innocence!  From that era, Survivalists emerged and they, to this day, stockpile goods for the supposed coming apocalypse.

Dwelling on thoughts of doom are like letting fear invade one’s mind rent free.  When this happens, action is needed.  Go for a walk and find joy, or at least something of beauty.  I am always delighted to see the tenacity of plants who push through the cracks in sidewalks or driveways.  If those tiny leaves can do it, surely we can find a distraction in small nature and have the strength to stand up to threats.

We all need joy in our lives and sometimes it shows up in tiny ways and other times in hearing a choir sing stirring songs that touch our souls, or the treasure of a young child who loves his “nana,” or whatever you are called.  Hope comes in on the wings of love, wanting this precious little one to have a life without fear.

My friends, we can and will get through this perilous time, because we are strong.  Just think of the anthem we sang not two days ago.  We face peril and defeat it, we face fear and stare it down.  We embrace all that is good in our world and celebrate it.

We have the will and the way to get through any danger when we all pull together.  Hold your head up for newly arrived or Mayflower descendants, we are strong and we are Americans.

Americans never give up, never give in –  Let’s keep the Spirit of 1776 going strong!