I just learned there is something in my town I think it is such a great idea.  We have a Water Wagon.  Not many cities do.

Why is it such a good idea?  For one reason, only 25 percent of plastic water bottles are recycled.  Less than 24%!  Every piece of plastic ever made still exists, according to Becky Parsons from Sustainable Tallahassee, part of an intense group of people trying hard to get people to understand what harm we are doing to our planet.

“Oh,” you may say, “I always put my plastic bottles in my recycle bin.”  Nice, however, almost four tones of toxic chemicals as in carbon dioxide are used to make plastic water bottles.  Plastic, unlike paper and glass does not biodegrade, ever!

On a budget?  Consider this:  Just how much does your bottled water cost compared to tap water, which by the way, is where your bottled water comes from?  Tap water costs less than one cent for FIVE GALLONS!  Hmm… how much does that 12 ounce bottle of tap water cost you?

In fact, Parsons points out bottled water costs more per gallon than the gas you put in your car!

Do you remember the days when at meetings, pitchers and glasses of ice water were on the table?  Don’t see it any more.

So, why am I proud of what Tallahassee has done?  The realization there were no water fountains or spigots in the entire downtown area where festivals and farmers markets are held, made bottled water the only option.

The City Recycling Coordinator, Paul Hurst came up with the idea to create a public drinking and bottle filler device to reduce the use of throw away plastic bottles. He actually built the Water Wagon himself and would no doubt share how he did it with others for their towns.

The Water Wagon has proved to be a popular place and has greatly reduced the number of plastic bottles.  If, like Nanaj, you have a PABA-free water bottle, there is a place to refill it while enjoying the events downtown.

I really hope this idea catches on in other cities and towns, at public events and facilities.

Water is not an infinite source.  Enough plastic bottles are thrown away each year to reach the moon and back several times.  They don’t decay, they don’t go away – please, for all who will follow, let’s do what is right for their future and ours.

Thank you Sustainable Tallahassee!