Did you miss me?  I missed you and the Dear Readers of Life inPrimetime.  Some things so good one, not so good.

First the good.  Four weeks ago, my daughter emailed, asking me to have lunch or dinner with her family.  I chose dinner at Sahara Restaurant, a Greek restaurant my grandson loved from the time he could walk.  His favorite was “brown soup,” really a delicious lentil soup.

As is usual with me, I arrived early and put menus for four on one of the tables and waited.  Soon my daughter arrived and said we would need a bigger table, as friends were joining us.  She pulled several tables together.

Next, she walked out into the corridor leading to the entry and stood there.  Thinking she was waiting for her son and husband and the friends, but when I looked up, there was my sister walking toward me with her granddaughter, son and his wife, along with the family here.

I had not seen my sister in six years, since my younger daughter’s wedding.  The plotting of this surprise family reunion had been going on since May and not one hint of anything from anyone!

For four wonderful days, we did the local Gulf Coast attractions – Wakulla Springs boat ride (a mother alligator with babies on her back hissed at me.)  Who knew alligators hissed, but I guess mothers are mothers everywhere. Visited Panacea Marine Specimen Lab, where my Ohio family was amazed at all the sea creatures one can touch.

Other family from Central Florida came up to join the reunion and we dined at seafood restaurants at the Gulf and in Tallahassee.  I was treated like a queen and have never felt so loved.

Ah, but… what’s that saying about “all good things…?”   Two nights later, I had a horrible nightmare, something I hadn’t had in years.  I teardrop shaped object with a sharp point was coming at my head!

Apparently, trying to escape it, I fell out of bed, hitting my arm on the half-open drawer of my bedside table and onto the step stool I use to get into my high bed.

Well, here’s the thing… I have two metal knees from 18 years ago and I cannot go on my knees.  What to do, what to do?  It was 1:30 in the morning and I wasn’t going to call my daughter at that hour.  So, for the next two hours, I scooted around to each piece of furniture in my house, trying to use it as a prop to help me stand.

Nope, nothing.  Finally at 5:30 in the morning, I called 911 and with great humiliation repeated the long-running commercial, “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.”  A few minutes later, EMT’s arrived with a police officer (standard operating procedure, as they never know what might be encountered).  Because I couldn’t get to the door, the law officer broke in. shattering glass, molding and locks. The EMTs asked if I wanted to go to the ER, but I didn’t. I just wanted to go back to bed.

Two days later I went to Urgent Care and the ER.  Examined head to toe, given a strong antibiotic to stave off MRSA a deadly infection.  My wounds were treated and I was sent home to heal.

All is well now and next week, I am going to physical therapy to learn how to get off the floor with metal knees.  Also to build up my core strength and upper body muscles.

Ironically, I have found it strange in the Baby Book of Names, “Judith,” is defined as “Grace,” which I assure you Dear Readers, is not me and never has been.  As much as I try, I am a total klutz, lacking greatly in physical grace.  Otherwise, what could be the source of all the bruises I almost always have.

I have missed these blog chats, and you.