Of course I’m referring to Halloween. When did you stop going Trick or Treating, or are you still doing it?

I grew up on roads with no streetlights, but still went out in our homemade costumes and a paper bag to collect the treats.  No one ever asked me to do a trick, and since I lived on a dead end dirt road, there wasn’t much lurking in the darkness.  I went alone and brought back the booty. I don’t recall eating the candy, but my mother had a sweet tooth and probably devoured it, “saving” me from cavities.  Oh sure, Mom.

Halloween is a big deal when you have young children at home.  Back in those days, I made the costumes and each had to be unique.  I think my most difficult one was sewing an ear of corn, though I did make a bee costume for the youngest, while her sister dressed like a bee keeper.

Then the Owl who taught us not to pollute. “Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute,” and Smoky the Bear taught us not to start forest fires.  Did we listen?  You tell me…

I really got into Halloween costumes, creating a bat costume and an elephant man one, a Martha Washington one and a harem one.  Not that I was a good seamstress, but for a one-time wearing, I got by.

Now it seems, the majority of Halloween costumes are purchased, worn once and that’s it.  Since I live on a dark street, there are never Trick or Treaters, so I’ll probably dress like a witch (no smart remarks here) and put on a green face and hand out candy in my grandson’s neighborhood where mothers haul their little one to where they know the loot is plentiful.

I love opening the door, making it creak and seeing their eyes grow wide when they say, “Trick or Treat,” and I answer, “TRICK!”  Then I give a witches cackle, but always give them the Treat.

No reason Nana Witch can’t have a little fun too, right?