Here we are more than half way through October and what?  We finally get a taste of autumn weather?

I waited for you Mother Nature in September, my favorite month, when fall was in the air, plants, tired of carrying their green through the hot days of summer, couldn’t shake them off, because summer had not let them go.

When I moved to Florida many years ago, I looked forward to April and September as ideal months to go camping. No longer.  Now April is as hot as June and September is still hot summer.

What a welcome relief this week when temperatures fell to the 70s.  Even had a light throw on my bed.  It’s not going to last, as the prediction is upper 80s next week. Mom Nature it seems has chosen to be capricious.

Mother Nature are you tired out from the horrendous fires in California, the hole in the Antarctica Sea, the shrinking sea ice distress in Artic seawaters?  Is it why you sent Irma, Matthew and Maria to visit this summer and then walloped Ireland?

Really, we’re sorry Mom.  Would you please come back if we promise to take better care of what you’ve given us?  We will reduce, reuse and recycle, really.

Please love us again.  Truly, we can’t make it without you.