Okay, I confess, I’m a weather wonk and read the entire weather page in my daily newspaper.  I check my hometown and all the places I’ve lived or spent time in and others I’d like to live or visit and all the places I have family and friends.

For instance, I’d love to live in Ireland, but Dublin, a lovely city is almost always cool and rainy.  London where I spent a summer isn’t a lot warmer or drier.  Paris is a bit warmer, but not a place I’d want to live, and then Rome, where I would, except in the summer when it becomes beastly hot and everyone who can, leaves the city.

Then, of course I check the local forecast too.  But my favorite is the weather history, the World’s worst weather (thankfully, always in places far away,) where the most rain fell and the weather trivia.

I enjoy guessing the answer before I read it and sometimes get it right. For instance, “Is it true most raindrops begin as snowflakes?”  Think about it… where does rain originate?  Way up in the atmosphere!  So yes, they do begin as snowflakes!  Did you know raindrops fall individually?  I read it in the weather section.  Doesn’t seem so when it’s pouring down, but it’s true.

Did you guess it?  Do you know what causes lake effect snow?  Maybe if you lived up north, you know the answer.  It is cold air moving over warm water!  I know about those lake effect snows, as a child in northern Ohio. It was only fun for a couple of days and then everyone wants it to be over unless you live at a ski resort!

I do wish one of the weather people would explain where places like “the Ohio Valley,” the Plains and other distinguishing map features are, or it would be on the newspaper weather map. I’ve never figured them out.

As a Florida resident, I’ve only seen snow twice while living here.  Once where I lived in Central Florida on the coast and once in Tallahassee the year I moved here.  We made small snowballs and froze them.  Lots of fun because it didn’t last.  With the planet warming, we probably won’t experience it here again, unless someone hires an artificial snow making machine.

I’d go for that!  How about you?