This time of year, though agreeably all year round, we television viewers are bombarded with ads.  The holidays are coming don’t cha know.

Not that I haven’t been taken in by some of the late and very late come-ons. I’ve “returned to sender,” more than once when I receive something I don’t recall ordering.  Do companies really think people don’t catch on they’ve been set up for a scam?

However, there are ads on television that I wonder what they mean.

For instance, there are a lot of commercials for copper coated pans of all sizes and shapes.  Some look enticing until I remember I seldom bake anything now, b/c I’d be too tempted to eat it all and I wouldn’t melt plastic in any of it to prove it would slip out of the pan with ease.

So here’s the thing.  What does “Just pay separate fees,” mean?

There is always an “offer,” to get a second “wonderful” thing for a separate fee  Does it mean you pay as much for the second wonderful thing as the first?  So, if the “wonderful thing” costs $19.99 with free shipping, does the second “wonderful thing,” coast $38.38?

I thought there was a “Truth in Advertising,” law on the books, but now I wonder.

Do you wonder, or do you have it figured out?

I’ll not be buying more pots and pans.  After cooking for most of my lifetime, I have all I need with my reliable cast iron pans that will, no doubt still be around after I’m not.

Do you buy from television ads?  How did it work for you?