Maybe I’m odd, but I enjoy reading the Weather Page in my daily newspapers.  The weather person always has some interesting weather history and Trivia in it.  Some of it fascinates me.  Plus, as I’ve written before, I look at places I’ve lived and places I might want to live, although Dublin is usually rainy and cold in the winter.  Don’t know how good I’d be at keeping a bog fire going.  Still, what a wonderful country Ireland is, full of writers, musicians and good people.

Here’s what I find interesting:  I didn’t live in Florida in 1962, but if you did, you experienced the worst freeze of the 20th Century.  Might be 2018 will go down as the coldest year of this century.

Ah… do you know what Mark Twain thought was the most dazzling weather?  I do…It was an Ice Storm!

Florida’s Panhandle (did you know we had one?) was the recipient of below freezing temperatures with even a dusting of snow, just enough to make a medium snowball.  Didn’t last long, but the cold is.

The local newspaper hired a Weather Wonk a few months ago and he keeps me interested with weather trivia and weather history, along with high and low temps all around the world.  So do you know what the lowest temperature was for the lower states in January?  I do.  It was -70 degrees at Rogers Pass Montana on January 20, 1954.

Do you know what “Diamond Dust” is?  Sounds lovely, but has nothing to do with gems.  It’s another term for ice crystals.  We had some Diamond Dust in Tallahassee this week. Too bad they melted and weren’t really diamonds.  Can you imagine how people would be crawling on the ground. trying to scoop them up?

On the other hand, Birdsville, Australia (such a cute name for a town), topped out at 117 degrees on New Year’s Eve.  Unlike New York’s Time Square’s crystal ball drop when it is always pretty cold and people are bundled up, Birdsville might be so hot, people might be stripping down to bikinis and shorts.  Of course, come winter for the land down under, we in the upper hemisphere will be wishing for their weather.

Ah, we can talk about it, but we can’t change it, so let’s just hope every dear friend and family have a healthy and peaceful 2018 filled with peace and joy!