For the past several years, there is an ad in our local newspaper under “Personal Business.”

It reads; Nice tall well-built sepia gentleman, blue-eyed, seeks tall classy sepia lady friend 47 – 70.  Call me. 9:00 a.m.  The phone number is listed.

Is this a legitimate ad, or someone with nefarious intentions?  Really, for more than two years and no one has taken him up on it?  Or, is he misrepresenting himself with some sort of scam, or just so particular, no “lady friend,” suits him?

We all want good relationships, but if someone hasn’t responded in years, why keep it up?

There must be something behind it, but I do not meet the requirements, so I would not risk it being a shady situation.

It does make me curious though, as I am always curious.  Maybe I’ll ask one of my friends who do meet the criteria to call just to see what he’s about and report back.

If it is on the up and up, it is rather sad for someone to be so lonely they resort to a long lasting newspaper ad.

I’ll keep you posted…