Did you grow up with the fear of lions and tigers and bears, maybe from storybooks?

Or seeing them at zoos or in the circus where you heard gasps as tigers leapt through hoops and elephants stood on small round stools doing tricks.

Now the big circuses are gone except in few places and hopefully the animals are being cared for with compassion and comfort.  There were very few circus or zoo animal escapes, but when there were, the town residents were stunned with fear.  They were always captured, but it shook up the place and probably gave more than a few with nightmares.

So should we be afraid of lions and tigers and bears now?  Not so much, but we have reason to be very cautious around farm animals. Did you know more are killed by kicks, stings and bites?

A study published in a journal found there were more than 1,600 animal related deaths in seven years from non-venomous animals.  Surprisingly the highest death rates were from mammals;, mostly from horses and cattle, cats, cows, horses and raccoons.  Next on the death list is from dogs whose victims are under four years old.

As scary as this is, the most lethal attacks are from hornets, wasps and bees.  Most deaths occur from anaphylaxis stings.  A little awareness about what animals are in the same space as you are will prevent the one million emergency room visits because of animal encounters.  I don’t see myself in an urgent care center admitting a cow gave me a concussion and I hope you don’t either.

When I was a kid, no pun intended, my family had a goat named “Nanny.”  My favorite aunt was called “Nanna.”  Every time Nanna came to visit, Nanny would not let her out of her car.  Nanny would put her feet upon the driver’s side door and would not move unless someone would make her.  She did not do that to anyone else.  We never could figure it out!  I still like goats but have no yard for one.

But when my grandson was born, I chose to be called “Nana,” in recalling my Nanna.  No goats allowed and no smart remarks either!  J

So do be good to “Bessie” the cow, “Rex” the doggie and “Hallie” the kitty and “Billy” the goat, especially when there are children about.

And now you know – be careful on the farm – they may be out to get you!  J