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To effectively share about your business and its offers with our community, we have developed a complete list of advertising and promotional services.  We find most success in supporting local businesses through advertising when a variety of presentations are utilized.  With your help, our team is excited to learn about your local business and effectively promote it to our readers.

There is no cost to advertise on  To understand why this is and more about our mission, please visit our About Us page.

Let’s Begin

Simply Contact Us to get started.  We’ll respond to begin learning about your business, your advertising goals, upcoming events and promotions you may be offering and anything else you’d like to share with us.  Free of charge to you, we can post an advertisement on our homepage for one week increments on a regular basis, in rotation with other advertisers. If you are looking to enhance this and to make a bigger impression on our readers, we can work on an agreement for cross promotion of our site and offers to your audience in exchange for blogs posts, newsletter features and social media promotion from us, to accompany your advertisement.  A complete list of the services we can provide and details about each is below for your review.  Our trade agreements with community partners are tailored to the business or organization we’re working with.  Some examples of cross promotion we seek are social media sharing, website links and advertisements, giveaway sponsorship, goody bag sponsors and there are many more. We enjoy being creative and working for results that truly help all parties involved.



Advertisements are available in a variety of sizes, as well as in a variety of placements, both on our homepage and other specific pages, including the Blogs, Kids Eat Free, Restaurants, Local Deals and Auto Dealer Guide to name a few.    All advertisements will click through to your website and we will provide Google Analytics to you regularly, upon request, to ensure we’re accomplishing your goals.

Our Blogs

Your business can be featured in a blog post, highlighting specific information you’d like our readers to learn about.  You can contribute an outline of content for us to organize or an exact write up for one blog post or a series of blog posts.  For example, your first post can introduce your business to our readers, a second post can provide professional tips and pointers and a third post can invite our readers to visit your business.  This is just an example.  With your input, we will happily share your desired content with our readers to highlight your business in an attractive and enticing way, including images and links.

Newsletter Feature

Your Weekly Connectionthe Tally Connection newsletter, reaches over 2,300 readers each week, and growing, with a high open rate by industry standards of over 30% consistently.  Our newsletter is delivered on Friday mornings and includes our current giveaway, recent blog highlights and a line-up of weekend events, with special attention to featured events.  Your company can be featured in our newsletter in any of these sections with a click through to corresponding information, or your company can be featured in one of the limited spaces available for advertisements with click through to your website.

Share Local Deals

You are welcome to share deals, specials, coupons and promotions your business is currently offering our community on our page, Local Deals.  Should you wish to customize your offer to include an exclusive deal for Tally Connection fans, we will briefly  highlight your business and this offer using the service of your choice listed here.  There is no charge associated with this.

Additionally, FSU Credit Union offers its members a Discount Program.  Learn more here and consider becoming a sponsor of this program to be featured on their site and mentioned on their Facebook page and in their newsletter as well.

Social Media Marketing

The Tally Connection social media network includes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram.  On these pages, our skilled marketing staff can effectively promote your business to your target market.  You may choose one network or a combination of networks to be featured on.  We can utilize content you have shared with our readers via other services listed here and/or share your choice of content provided to us.  Currently, our combined social media following totals over 3,000 followers/subscribers.

Kids Eat Free

Our resource, Kids Eat Free Connection, receives the highest level of traffic as compared to any other single page on  With over 800 weekly visitors, this page provides an effective marketing tool to businesses with something to offer families.  Businesses who can benefit most from advertising on this page include restaurants already listed on the page, as well as any business whose target market includes families, children, parents and caregivers.  A limited number of advertisements are available on this page with strategic placement, timing and frequency, to be effectively accompanied by timely social media marketing.  In addition to promoting your specials on Tally Connection we can enhance your offer to our community by bringing our program, Storytime with TallyMom, to your location on the day your special is offered.

Sponsor Giveaways For Good

Tally Connection proudly presents our community with a chance to enter to win a great prize at all times on our site.  We feature back to back giveaways, prominently displayed on our homepage, blog and social media pages for up to two weeks at a time.  Our giveaways are highly promoted to our readers.  All Tally Connection giveaways benefit local non profits in our community thanks to FSU Credit Union generously donating $1 per giveaway entry to a featured recipient, nominated by our readers.  Giveaway features are typically viewed over 14,000 times and clicked on 0ver 200 times.  As a giveaway sponsor your business will donate a prize at a value of your choice for our readers to enter to win.

Goody Bag Sponsorship

Each month, through the event sponsorship we offer, Tally Connection delivers goody bags to the hands of locals at various community events.  Recipients love all of the goodies included in these bright yellow bags and we love your help with filling them.  Supply us with any quantity of coupons or marketing items you’re comfortable with, on a regular basis or when the time is right for you.  We’ll stuff the items in our bags for you and deliver them all around town, helping to promote your business in a way that gets you noticed.

Want to get even more attention?  Be on the bag itself!  We order a new supply of bags quarterly and your advertisement can be featured directly on the bag itself.  We feature up to six ads at a time in this way and ask that you share the cost of the bags evenly among all participating, including ourselves.  The cost typically ranges between $125-$175 depending on the best deal we can find and how many total participants we have for that order.


Looking for something we haven’t covered?  We’re ready to hear about it and to help with that too.  Just Contact Us.



  1. Brien Sorne

    Interested in cross-promoting with our radio broadcast. Call our studios, if you like: 850.385.7762

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    • TheTCTeam

      Hi Brien,

      Yes, we tuned in for Connecting Kids 2 Kids and I’d love to learn more. I’ll be in touch this week. Thank you for reaching out!

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  2. Anita Harnden

    I own Anita’s Funky Emporium, located on South Monroe St. (woodville hwy) I have just celebrated 3 yrs in business. My store houses over 50 local artisans/craftspeople. I also have reg consignment specializing in the unique! I have everything from new in the box to old as dirt!
    I am also proud of so many of my local artisans that reuse, recycle, taking one mans trash and making it into another man’ s treasure!! I could really use some help getting the word out about the guarenteed fun you will have visiting the store!
    Anita’s Funky Emporium 3686 Woodville Hwy(South Monroe St) 443-4466

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    • TheTCTeam

      Hi Anita,

      Sounds great. I’ll be in touch soon! Thanks for reaching out to us!

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    • TheTCTeam

      Hi again Anita,

      Just letting you know I have sent some info to the email address given here. Looking forward to hearing from you again soon!

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  3. Miss Das

    Hello to All,
    Drowning is the number one cause of accidental deaths in children ages one to four years old. My goal is to change this stastistic by reaching as many children as possible before that reach the water alone. Babies and children ages 6 mths – 6 yrs can be taught life saving skills by a Certified ISR Instructor. Visit to find your child’s instructor today.

    Together we are saving lives one child at a time.
    Missy Das, RN, BSN
    Certified ISR Instructor
    (850) 672-9119

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  4. American Transportation

    American Transportation is an all van discount transportation company established to try and better serve the transportation needs of the community. We operate 24-hours a day , 7-days a week. One of the best features is the fact we serve the public by offering a FLAT RATE for travel. This especially usefull for the medical communnity and college students.

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    • The TC Team

      Thank you for sharing about America Transportation. If you’d like to reach a wider percentage of our readers, we’d recommend sharing this info and more about your business on our Community Blog. You can do so by simply emailing the information to us directly at, including links and images as well if you’d like. Feel free to let us know how else we can be of assistance. Thank you again for sharing.

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  5. Sundae McMillan

    I offer complementary spas through a mobile spa business with complementary treatments. You experience all while being pampered with up to 5 friends you can sip wine or your favorite beverage. Receive hostess rewards for hosting a “Girls Night Out” event. We also design spa experience for many different kinds of events. Glam it up, baby showers, bridal shower, or bridal makeup. Our premium spa brand products are cosmesutical, with an anti-aging line and makeup all offered. Direct selling is how we make our money through providing a service to our clients.
    BeautiControl with the Fun Spa Girl. Sundae McMillan Senior Director, BeautiControl 850-519-2312

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    • The TC Team

      Thanks for sharing Sundae. Feel free to share this information on our Classifieds for free anytime and/or contact us directly for more information about other ways to share with our readers.

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  6. Ashley Cook

    Looking to have your home or business cleaned? I am licensed and bonded. I supply all cleaning supplies and have many references. Call, text or email. 850-508-8453. Free estimate! Thank you- Ashley

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  7. Jesse Solomon

    great website

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    • The TC Team

      Thank you Jesse! Please stay in touch with opportunities for us to support your efforts through the ACA.

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  8. Douglas

    Hi. First of all I want to say what a great website. I’m just starting my own local business. With over ten years working in the lawncare and landscaping industry I feel that I can provide my customers a much better value for quality work at a fraction of the cost of large chain stores. If you would please contact me about your free advertising. Also your bag advertising sounds very interesting as well. Your help is greatly appreciated.
    (850)339-2855 Free Estimates!

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    • The TC Team

      Hi Doug,

      Congrats on starting your own business and thank you for reaching out to us at We’d love to help you with complimentary advertising. I’ll be in touch later this week to get started.

      Thank you again!


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  9. Michael

    Hi, Thanks for the great website and service. We are a start-up skincare company based in Alberta Canada. Our main product is anti-pollution facial cream. It creates a second layer of skin to protect your skin from air pollutants such as PM 2.5. It is a revolutionary product in Skincare industry. Your help is very much appreciated.


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  10. Michael Carter offers local businesses affordable advertising that will work for you all day, every day.

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