Community Partnerships

Thank you for your interest in becoming a community partner of TallyConnection.  Free of charge to all local businesses and organizations, we offer space for advertisements on various pages of our site.  If you are looking to enhance this and to make a bigger impression on our readers, we can work on an agreement for cross promotion of our site and offers to your audience in exchange for blogs posts, newsletter features and social media promotion from us, to accompany your advertisement.  A complete list of the services we can provide and details about each can be found here.  Our trade agreements with community partners are tailored to the business or organization we’re working with.  Some examples of cross promotion we seek are social media sharing, website links and advertisements, TallyConnection branded goody bags, ticket giveaways, and many more.  We enjoy being creative and working for results that truly help all parties involved.

Let’s Begin

Ready to join the TallyConnection family?  Contact Us to become a community partner.

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