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One of our top resources is our Community Calendar.  Local residents can easily learn about and share events listed on our calendar.  Each calendar listing includes a post on our site as well, making it highly searchable on the Internet.  Your business can submit events to be listed on our calendar free of charge.  To further promote your event, you can utilize these additional services:

Advertisement  |  Blog Posts  |  Social Media Marketing  |  Newsletter Feature


In addition to regular event promotion, we can sponsor your event.  As your event sponsor, in exchange for agreed upon sponsorship benefits, we will offer the above promotional services, as well as optional services including: (1) providing supplies such as bags and giveaways, to benefit your event, (2) networking among our partners to fill a need such as catering, children’s activities, party rental items or others, and (3) feature your event as a sponsor of Giveaways for Good, offering event tickets as the prize and contributing fundraising to the non profit of your choice.

Let’s Begin

  1. Post Your Event on our Community Calendar.
  2. Contact Us to request event promotion and/or sponsorship.



  1. Jasmine

    Hi, I am the owner of a new shop down on Gaines St. I will be participating in Small Buisness Saturday, which is the day after Black Friday. The idea behind small business Saturday is support local businesses during the holiday season when so many of us are shopping with the big Store. I will be providing deep discounts to customers that come in that day. I am hoping that it is not too late to be listed on your site. Thank you

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    • The TC Team

      Hi Jasmine,

      It is absolutely not too late. We’re so happy to support local businesses. We received your event submission and have approved the event on our Community Calendar. We’ll be happy to also share it on our social media pages and in our newsletter the week of the event. Thank you so much for sharing!

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