January 14, 2018 all-day
Florida State University - ABHC
1107 W Call St
Tallahassee, FL 32304
Seeking Volunteers for Research @ Florida State University - ABHC  | Tallahassee | Florida | United States

Are you a regular marijuana smoker? Do you want to improve your sleep? If so, you may be eligible for a confidential, paid treatment study at the Anxiety and Behavioral Health Clinic. To determine eligibility, give us a call at 850-645-1766. You will complete a brief phone screen, and, if it looks like we are a good fit for your needs, we will schedule you for an appointment.

At this appointment, you will meet with a staff member to answer some questions about your mental health history, fill out self-report measures, and complete an emotional memory task. You will then take part in treatment for insomnia with a one on one therapist, which will last a total of four sessions over four weeks. These can be scheduled at your convenience, and two will take place over the phone. You will be randomized to complete the treatment either immediately or after a 3-month waiting period. This is behavioral treatment so you will not be receiving marijuana, THC or CBD. You will be asked to complete a follow-up one week and three months after you start the study. You can earn either research credits (up to 9 plus $30 if you complete the Month-3 follow-up) or monetary compensation (up to $100) for your participation.

Call us at 850-645-1766, or email us at fsu.sleep.study@gmail.com for more information or to schedule an appointment.