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Fall Events in Tallahassee

Now that it’s October, it’s finally starting to feel like fall in Tallahassee. We’re excited about it, and we know you are too! Sweater-weather, pumpkin-spice everything and cozy fires: we love every part of fall!

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Simple Sustainable Switches for Your Home

Making the switch to sustainable living can seem overwhelming at first with the wide range of products all claiming to be “green” and “eco-friendly,” which is why we have compiled a list….

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10 Films on Netflix That Will Educate You on Real Black History

Black history has been seriously whitewashed in American schools. If we want to come together as a community, we must understand what’s dividing us…

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6 Ways to Have a Happy Quarantine Birthday

The coronavirus pandemic has put a wrench in everyone’s plans for 2020, but nothing stings worse than a canceled birthday celebration. If you or one of your friends are feeling the birthday blues while in quarantine, here are six ideas on how to make the best out…

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