Happy VDay – The Cake Shop…and More Fun Stuff

Happy VDay – The Cake Shop…and More Fun Stuff

Don’t forget your sweetie this Monday, February 14th, Valentines Day.  Enjoy your day of LOVE!

I’ve requested for my hubby to skip the traditional flowers and box of chocolates this year and bring me a (or a box; whatever) Cake Shop marble cupcake instead.  (In fact, this post is his friendly, not-so-subtle reminder – Thanks hon 🙂    They are SOOOO delicious and I will find any excuse to indulge in one.  So what if my mom’s birthday four days ago was my last excuse!  Me and those things were in love at first bite!

How are you indulging this Valentines Day? 

P.S. – Different note but still on the topic of Valentines Day…..Aren’t the school Valentines Day projects from your kids the best?  TallyKid mailed me a handmade card from her school this week.  She addressed the envelope and inside was a card with her picture on it and an explosion of red glitter.  Had I known the explosion was enclosed I would have not opened it over TallyBaby’s head.  Whoops.  Poor baby has had a glittery head all week.  Anyhow, on the inside she wrote “Happy Valentines Valentines Day Mom and Dad”.  She said “I wrote it twice because one for you and one for daddy.”  LOVE HER!

What’s the best hand-made-by-your-kid Valentines Day gift you’ve received?

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