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Everyone loves a good deal and TallyConnection is here to CONNECT you to some great offers.  We are so excited to be launching our newest site feature today.  Each week, on Monday, we will have a post about our current giveaway.  It’s just our small way of saying “thanks” to all of our fans out there.  Check out TallyConnection often and you could be the lucky winner! 

This week (3-7-11 – 3-11-11), TallyConnection will be giving away a total of three 40% off coupons to GAP.  To be one of the winners of the GAP coupon giveaway just be the first to:

1.  Like Us on Facebook (if you don’t already), and
2.  Comment to this post with why you love TallyConnection.

The first three people to do these two things will be the winners and receive one coupon each.


Good luck and thanks for visiting TallyConnection!

P.S. – If you own your own business and would like to be our featured giveaway company of the week with FREE advertising included just click here to contact us

P.P.S – Do you LOVE a certain company and their products?  Post a comment to nominate them to be our featured giveaway company of the week! 

GAP did not pay for this advertisement nor did TallyConnection pay GAP.  TallyConnection does not endorse GAP or offer any guarantees or warranties on their behalf or in conjunction with this giveaway.  GAP does not endorse or guarantee TallyConnection or any of the site’s content, including this post. 

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  1. I love that you keep me informed of what is going on where it’s most important..right here in Tally!