Easy Thanksgiving Turkey Handprint Craft

Easy Thanksgiving Turkey Handprint Craft

Being crafty with one kid was fun but not nearly as much fun as it is with two.  I consider myself to be a fairly creative person.  In my former life (before kids) I enjoyed scrapbooking and doing other projects at home requiring some level of artistic ability.  The thing is, in my opinion, creativity is not like bike riding where once you have it you always have it.  It requires time and attention and practice to keep your creative juices flowing…all of which I have long since thrown out the window.  Still, for my kids’ sake, every once in a while I try to invent some fun craft for us to do at home together on a quiet midweek afternoon.  These crafts are usually nothing to speak of but the one we did last week turned out really cute, was easy as pie and helped get our home ready for Thanksgiving…so I thought I’d share.

I found a scrap of decorative paper in TallyKid’s scrapbooking kit with fall colors.  I got some brown paint, brown/black/red markers, some glue and some feathers.  I painted each child’s hand with the paint and made their handprint on the decorative paper, using opposite hands so the turkeys would face each other.  We let the paint dry and then TallyKid glued on the feathers to the top of each finger print except for the thumb.  I helped her draw in the eyes, gobblers (or whatever those things are called under the turkey’s chin) and the legs.  Then, she wrote in the words (see the picture) and I pasted the decorative paper to a larger deep red color cardstock paper and voila…our home was Thanksgiving ready!

What Thanksgiving crafts have you and your kids been up to at home?
What cute things have your kids brought home from school?

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