Google’s Self Driving Car Is After Us!

Google’s Self Driving Car Is After Us!

Have you seen the Google “self driving” car (not the one pictured) around Tally?  I’ve spotted it a few times.  I don’t think Tally’s is actually “self driving” but the vinyl graphics on the car say it is and it has what appears to be the same equipment on top.  You can’t not stop to notice this car when you see it driving around.

I asked my techie husband about it last time I saw it and he said (ok-this is what I think he said) that the equipment on top is a camera or satellite or something and is taking pictures of everything for Google maps.

He showed me pics of our home online taken via satellite, and more.  Not cool, right?  I kinda knew this all was out there but not to this extent and so readily available.

What’s your opinion about the Google car driving around taking pictures of what it pleases and posting info about us online?
Do I have it all wrong?  Is there a greater purpose that makes it all worthwhile?

Learn more about how the self driving car works here.

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