Family Memory Jar

Family Memory Jar

Found this idea on….where else, but Pinterest of course! 

A few weeks back my family and I started a memory jar.  It’s a simple idea and easy to actually commit to doing, and the result will be so worthwhile.  In the middle of our dinner table sits a glass container with a pad of colorful paper and a few markers.  At dinner time, each family member can decide if they have anything to add to the memory jar for that day.  Notes about anything we want to remember are added little by little throughout the year privately by each person.  Extended family members and friends visiting our home are also encouraged to add things to our memory jar.  The plan is, on New Year’s Eve, we will empty the container and enjoy reading through the notes together, remembering all of the good times of 2012!

As a side benefit….TallyKid gets to practice her writing skills, our family is bonding each evening over the activity, we’re connecting and learning about each other’s days and we’re encouraging our children and ourselves to remember to be thankful for the great things happening in our lives.  I love this idea and hope we keep it up!

What great ideas have you found on Pinterest lately?

Are you a Pinterest do-er or watch-er?

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