Hiding Veggies

Hiding Veggies

I have always heard other moms talk about their struggles with trying to get their children to eat vegetables.  Up until recently, when I’ve heard this, I have thought to myself, what’s the big deal?  Just put it on their plate and they’ll eat it if you say to.  I share many, many, many of the common parenting struggles, but this was not one of them, so it was hard for me to relate.

Well, in comes TallyBaby and now I totally get it.  I have no idea what changed from one kid to the next.  I know I may have become slightly more slack with my second child and I also know that he was exposed to a lot more early on because of TallyKid, but still, I know I offered him the same types of food and gave him an equal chance to enjoy his veggies.

In fact, I took it a step further with TallyBaby…making my own baby food for him, reading recipe books, and attending workshops like the one that was on our Event Calendar this past Saturday morning.  (They are held often so stay tuned to the calendar if you’d like to attend the next one.)  So what went wrong?  Why is it that my, now 20 month old, does not ever willingly eat any vegetables and only tolerates being forced to eat peas and carrots on occasion?  If you know the answer, please fill me in!

Since pondering this question was getting me nowhere, I started in on the very task I told myself I would never, ever waste time on…..hiding veggies!  As I’ve mentioned many times before, moms should never be critical of any other “mom tactic”.  You will always eat your words when you say “I would never do that”.  So here we are.

I’ve been at it for a few months now so I thought I’d share some of the ideas I’ve come up with here in case any other moms out there are having troubles tackling the veggie portion of the pyramid.  In creating this post I realize that compared to some other moms, I probably still have it pretty easy, because some of my “hiding” tricks are really just “making it fun” tricks and for now, those are working well too.

I am quite sure that many moms out there have more great ideas on this topic to share, so please do!!!
I am personally looking forward to your feedback for my own little TallyBaby, so thank you for reading and sharing.


TallyMom’s Veggie Tricks

Store bought crescent rolls baked with ham and cheese inside, along with a hidden piece or two of fresh spinach.  If even the sight of green makes your kid run, try chopping up the spinach and hiding it in the melted cheese.

If your kids like eggs as much as mine do then smother them with ham and cheese, then put in a dash of spinach or chopped bell peppers or mushrooms, fold it over to make those all disappear and serve.  Yellow bell peppers or white cauliflower are the less noticeable choices.

Same idea here……hide whatever you like in the quiche……anything in pie form is usually well received in our home.

OK-Kinda obvious, but if your kids like juice as much as mine do, then reserve it for a “special treat” and when you serve it, make sure it’s one with a serving or two of vegetables.

In my house, corn doesn’t count as a real vegetable, but it has become a means to an end.  The steamer bags make it easy to mix in something with some greater nutritional value and have its flavor be disguised by the sweet yumminess of the corn.  In this case, I cooked the corn in the micro like the bag said to and then cut the bag open and mixed in some fresh spinach while the corn was still steamy hot.  I folded the bag back over and the spinach wilted down.  I mixed it all up, seasoned it and tricked my kids!

Not always, but often what youare doing is cool to your kids.  In this case, we were at Fuzions and I got them each some ice cream, then got myself a plate of salad.  What do you know?!  They ended up forgetting about their ice cream and stealing my salad as soon as we all sat down.  Another good point I learned here….salad bars are fun for kids.  When we refilled this plate I let them choose what to put on it.  They were thrilled about this and enjoyed their creation together, lettuce and all!  We love Fuzions‘ salad bar.  Jason’s and Ruby Tuesday are other nice ones.

Stole this idea from my friend, Nicole.  Whole wheat wrap, cheese, sauce…micro for a few seconds and roll it up…pizza roll-ups.  Add in a veggie or two and there you have it.  In this case, we used spinach and red sauce.  Other ideas are to use a pesto sauce so the green spinach would be hidden better.  Also, cauliflower is easy to hide with the white mozzarella or parmesan cheese.  Plus, it’s fun because they’re making it!

You got me….this isn’t “hiding” anything!  This idea does use the idea of making it about fun though.  Frozen peas.  Those little frozen carrots work well too.  Especially in the summer time.  The idea of eating them frozen makes them enticing for some reason.  Don’t get it, but I’ll go with it.

This picture stinks but this soup is really yummy.  It’s this recipe with the red pepper flakes taken out for the kids’ sake and my green sauce added in, also for the kids’ sake.  In fact, I add this green sauce of mine to lot’s of things…..mac and cheese, spaghetti, taco meat, turkey sandwiches, on pizzas…..I can think of a way to use it in just about anything I serve the kids.  We call it “Hulk Sauce” in our home.  To make “Hulk Sauce” you mix together, in a food processor, a green vegetable, garlic, onion and a splash or two of chicken stock.  You saute the sauce after it’s pureed and then you use it however you like.  You can add some cheese to it too to make it a little bit thicker and then let the kids use it as a dip for crackers and other stuff.

Because mini stuff is fun, the new Publix mini veggie bag mixes you can micro are becoming a fav in our home.  These are the mini rainbow carrots and a few weeks back I did this post where I showed the mini zucchini.

When all else fails…just give up and give in…or should I say dive in.

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