It’s A Good Thing I’m A Good Person

It’s A Good Thing I’m A Good Person

So, I am sitting at a light today, on my way home, with the kids in the mama-mobile (gee, can you guess what I drive?), and the person in the passenger seat of the truck to my left rolls down their window.  He starts talking in my direction and I think he’s talking to me but I can’t really figure it out.  Then, I realize he is talking to the person to the right of me, standing on the sidewalk.  He must have recognized an old friend because in less than a minute, while we were all stuck at the light, he asked where she lived now, what her address was, where she worked now, what her number was and what she was doing tonight.  To each question, she yelled back her reply.  Had I been a bad person I could now have this girl’s location and phone number, and I could surprise her at work or tonight at…

I know sometimes I do stupid things too but I try to avoid the dangerous AND stupid things most of the time.  Although, maybe she does too and she just lost her head for a minute like we all do sometimes.  I turned it in to a good lesson for TallyKid, who was with me in the van (of course).  Lucky for the girl, I am a good person.  Lucky for me, she unknowingly gave me the go ahead to pat myself on the back when I was in need of some encouragement. 

It is kinda scary to think how easily we can learn almost anything about anyone nowadays though.  Don’t you think?

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  1. So why is it a good thing that are you a good person? Because you had a random persons address and phone number and place of employment? So what!?! That is not hard to get. I don’t get it, how would you “surprise her at work or tonight at…”???

    1. Hey TallyG,

      Just a light-hearted post about how free this person was to yell out all of her personal info where many others could hear. It reminded me just how easy it is to be so free with sharing our info, maybe even without realizing who could be watching or hearing. Say I was an identity thief???? Definitely NOT but what if someone else who heard her was. Just gave them easy access to act on their malicious intents. The situaton just left me wondering about the potential dangers of this. What do you think?