– Oprah in Haiti – Oprah in Haiti

On Sunday nights I try to regroup, relax, unwind and veg out…preparing myself for the week ahead.  I am a TV addict so I flip the channels for something I can watch while zoning out and eventually fall asleep.  This is not the time for serious news or anything heavy.  However, last Sunday evening I broke my own rule.  I was channel surfing and came upon Oprah visiting Sean Penn’s aid outfit in Haiti.  He traveled to Haiti after the earthquake of 2010 and has since then contributed significantly to the rebuilding of Haiti, helping to save countless lives, together with his organization.  I couldn’t stop watching the interview because the normal p/c things were NOT being said; real stuff was.  I am a fan of that. 

If you missed this compelling interview, you can watch it here, where you can also learn more about Penn’s efforts to rebuild, as well as donate to the cause.  Sometimes what’s hard to watch is what is most important to see

Did you see the interview?

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