The Story of Peter Rabbit & Easter Fun

The Story of Peter Rabbit & Easter Fun

Each year Easter really “springs” up on me.  Get it?!  I’m hilarious, huh?  Anyhow, as I was saying, we’re usually away for spring break and then there’s the after vacation week of endless unpacking, laundry and trying to get the kids back on a normal sleep schedule.  You barely blink and bam…it’s Easter. 

For this reason, our family’s Easter fun is pretty scarce.  I have a few measly decorations that the kids enjoy displaying around the house.  Beyond that, we usually dye eggs, do an Easter egg hunt in our backyard and have small Easter baskets for the kids with a few random fun toys. 

For me, one of my favorite parts of Easter is the books.  I love reading stories of springtime and the kids love seeing baby animals in the books and the bright colors of flowers.  One of our favorite classics which I came upon today and read to the kids is The Story of Peter Rabbit.  My mom purchased this book for TallyKid a few years back and now we’re all able to enjoy the book together with TallyBaby too.  There’s some about reading a story that has been told for over 100 years that just makes you smile and somehow the kids seem to know it’s a classic and enjoy it all the more since it’s “a special book”. 


If you’re looking for some healthful, worthwhile items to fill your kids’ Easter baskets this year, then check out this post by my friend Stephanie on her blog Mama and Baby Love. 

As for TallyMom, even in my haste to fit in some Easter crafts and activities for the kids, I have found a few good ones on Pinterest that I am planning on doing with them next week, so stay tuned for posts about:

  • Cute Easter smores
  • A hand print chick
  • Bunny ears and carrot stick craft

What activity or book do you enjoy most with your kids this time of year?

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