Welcome Spring – Handprint Flower Craft

Welcome Spring – Handprint Flower Craft

The first day of Spring, March 20th, is quickly approaching.  You can feel it in the air, see it in the time change and, if you’re among the many unlucky allergy sufferers in Tally, feel it in your nose.

If you’re able to appreciate the beautiful blooming flowers and plants around us this time of year, Tallahassee is an amazing landscape to enjoy.  Check out all of the great parks and playgrounds you can visit to take advantage of the gorgeous spring weather.

To celebrate the coming of spring with the kids at home, I enjoyed copying this handprint flower craft idea my sister found on Pinterest.

So cute huh?!  Well, it’s harder than it looks to do.  Especially when you come to find out your kid seems to have some sort of mild OCD issues with getting messy paint all over her hands and feet.  Here’s how we rolled on this one….

TallyKid fake smiling after freaking out about the paint everywhere.

TallyMom Tips: After having done this, if you’re looking to re-create at home with your kids, I would recommend staying outside, having a bowl of water handy, having an extra set of adult hands close by and I would start the design from the bottom up.

How does your family welcome Spring?

What cute springtime crafts have you thought of or found on Pinterest?

P.S. – Did you notice the bathing suits?  Gotta love swimming in March in Tally….

Hadn't thought to go bathing suit shopping yet - He's gunna kill me one day!

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