The Perfect Bite is at The Cake Shop

The Perfect Bite is at The Cake Shop


If you are a cupcake-a-holic like me, then you might be interested to learn the perfect way to eat a cupcake.  I was witness to this method by an ingenious mother at a child’s birthday party recently and it is among my favorite tips to share with the world.  I would give credit where it’s due but I don’t know the mom’s name.  If you are her and you are reading this please identify your brilliant self.  OK-on to the business of sharing the tip…..

Step 1 – Select your cupcake (look for the biggest one with the most frosting of course).   

Step 2 – Remove the cupcake wrapper if necessary.

Step 3 – Break off the bottom half of the “cake” part in one even layer, leaving the other half still attached to the frosting.

Step 4 – Put the half of the “cake” part you broke off on to the top of the frosting making a cupcake sandwich.

Step 5 – Take a big bite of deliciousness.

Step 6 – Savour the bite.

Step 7 – Repeat until every last crumb is devoured.

Step 8* – Get another one and do it all over again 🙂

*Optional, unless you are having a bad day; then, step 8 becomes mandatory. 

I know, it’s perfection.  Enjoy!

P.S. – Visit The Cake Shop for the absolute BEST CUPCAKES on the planet!!!!!  Hmmm…..What excuse shall I use today????


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