The 2012 Grandma

The 2012 Grandma

Not too long ago, I remember having to walk my mother through retrieving a voicemail on her dinosaur of a cell phone, still the flip phone kind.  Slowly but surely, my mom started taking notice of how frequently my sister was using her own iPhone, and the convenience and ease of access to a whole new world it brought her.  She herself seemed doubtful that she could make use of such technology in her own hands, but nevertheless, started yearning for an iPhone of her own.  Sceptical myself, I went with the plan my sister came up with, to purchase my mom an iPhone for her last birthday back in February, and there’s been no stopping her ever since.

In fact, she has added many other pieces of technology to her arsenal in the few short months since she entered in to the iWorld.  Her Kindle stays by her side for quick reading sessions while on her lunch break at work, and her iPad is in hand while pool side on the weekends because what grandma doesn’t need to browse Pinterest and catch up on the news and her emails while relaxing?

This past weekend we all had a nice laugh when my mom came over to babysit while TallyDad and I went out for a rare date night.  As we were leaving, my mom asked me for help with getting a DVD she had brought to watch started. While I had my back turned for a moment to help my mom figure out the difficulties of modern day DVD playing technology, she got herself comfortable, laying out her iPhone, iPad and Kindle….right next to her knitting!

Tell us about the 2012 Grandma in your life!

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