Be a Snoop on Snopes

Be a Snoop on Snopes

I can tell it’s an election year, what with all the emails originating from who knows where, but always, “a reliable source,” who try to generate rumors and blatantly tell lies about candidates – the ones the sender opposes, of course.

Then there are the ones to try to scare the begeebers out of women.  The ones warning you about a fake baby in a car seat on the side of the road, or how a murderous thug is hiding under your car, or who deliberately bumps your car with his (yes, it’s always some bad guy), so you’ll get out of your car to look and then, and then…they either jump in your car or abduct you.  The ending is always nightmarish.

The clincher is almost always “my friend, a policeman, or my brother-in-law told me,” to try to convince you to be afraid, be very afraid.

If you are receiving these kinds of emails, designed to make every woman who drives alone terrified, please go to to check it out for validity.  The site lists more urban myths than you ever knew existed.

Every woman or man should be aware of their surroundings, leaving or entering their car, a store, a building for any reason, but trying to turn us all into a nation of paranoids is silly.  Some twisted minds must get a kick out of scaring gullible women. You don’t have to be one of them.

Please, before you pass on outrageous political accusations or scary warnings, think for yourself, and check for the urban myths.  One click on can tell you if it’s the truth.

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  1. I always try to be aware of my surrondings and take heed of the advice given to me by my niece, a cop, as well as neighbors that are cops. If you don’t do anything stupid and try to always drive safely, you should be safe. If problems occur, if possible, drive straight to the closest police station or if possible, get out of your car and hide!

  2. Yes, always go to Snopes for the real scoop. There are also, natch, many urban legends aimed at the President emanating from right wing sources which have lately taken to badmouthing Snopes.

    1. It’s not just the right wing that is attacking…..the President’s side does a lot of that, too!

      1. Debbie – It is good to hear someone tell the truth! Democrats voters and Republicans voters post negative ads on Facebook. They don’t care whether it is factural or who may get hurt by their actions. I have friends and family from all parties.

        May God help us to look at all the issues in the United States and abroad and vote for the person that we feel can change our country and restore sanity in America.

  3. It makes sense ot be aware of what’s going on. Then a person does not have to live in fear and trepidation. paranoia uses up so much time and energy.

    It’s OK to ask questions too!

    Just an observation…


  4. Errr … agree with snopes but also warn ya’ll that if you’re driving in the unsafe neighborhoods (and you’ll feel the unsafeness of the ‘hood in your gut as you drive through it) … and someone bumps into your car? KEEP driving as fast as you can to get away from them and/or to the nearest safe spot or police station!