Movie Weekend, Brave & Madagascar 3

It’s a daddy weekend for the TallyFamily today.  That means I close my eyes and more importantly, my mouth, and let TallyDad take over.  What he says goes and I am free to work, clean, chill, whatever…as long as I don’t get in the way of daddy weekend.  Since TallyDad is someone obsessed with TV and movies, daddy weekend usually involves way more screen time than what I would usually go for, but this weekend is a good one for it because there are some great new movies out.  I have just overheard that the plans are to see Brave today and Madagascar 3 tomorrow.

Get your movie times and locations on The TC’s Movie Connection

Have you seen these movies yet?
What happens when you lose control of your kids?

P.S. – Did you see Summer Fun Series, Post #3?  Catch a $1 movie at Regal Cinemas Tuesday and Wednesday mornings this summer with the Summer Movie Express.  Check out the line-up here.

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