Travel Collections & Someday Trips

Travel Collections & Someday Trips

My mother has me convinced that traveling is essential in life.  From an early age, I can remember her scraping together our family’s last pennies in order to show my sister and I the world.  We visited many great places as a family during my childhood and as my sister and I grew to be teenagers, my mom took the opportunity to take us on “girl trips” to so many wonderful places.  We were by no means wealthy, but through the hard work of my parents and through my mom’s determination to escort us out of the little bubble we all sometimes live in, we were able to visit some amazing parts of the world.

Today, as a parent, with a family of my own, I still have the travel bug.  As you may well know, it’s not easy to pick up head across country with little ones, but we’re saving already, and I look forward to the day we can travel abroad as a family.  For now, simple trips are more our speed, like the one to Orlando last week.  We were gone for about a week and visited Central Florida Zoo, Sea World and the Universal Studios parks.  To me, there is no better feeling than being smushed all together in one car and one hotel room, with no agenda other than fun, relaxation and family.  No matter where we go, escaping all of life’s many distractions, and just being together is such an important part of life, for all of us.

Since the beginning of my traveling days, I have collected various items along the way, mostly including the art and decor in our home today.  One of the few things I have collected from every single place I have visited is a magnet.  It’s such a simple treasure, often overlooked.  However, once it’s in your home, on your fridge, side by side with the others, it becomes part of a collection of memories….of good times, with the people you love, together in great places.

Here’s is my very random short list of “someday trips” with the family:

  • Italy
  • Costa Rica
  • Lake Louise
  • Yosemite
  • Pine Mountain
  • Savannah
  • Myrtle Beach

Where have you traveled, where will you travel and what’s in your travel collection?

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