Who Are You? Let’s Get To Know Each Other Tally!

Who Are You? Let’s Get To Know Each Other Tally!

Some people are just meant to be social butterflies, fluttering around town, spreading their smiles, uplifting words and kind thoughts all over.  Others are more quiet and reserved, keep to themselves and maybe just plain don’t have time to get out and meet their fellow Tallahassians.

However, through the power of the Internet and email and social media, the once introverted individual, can spread their social wings and fly through the world wide web, meeting new people and opening themselves up as well.

Lately, at The TC headquarters, as we are working away at keep up with the day to day of running the site, our team has been wondering about who our readers really are.  Each time a new person like us on Facebook or registers for our newsletter or clicks on TallyConnection, we can’t help but wonder….Who is that, and how have we become lucky enough for them to have stumbled upon our growing community website?

With this in mind, we wanted to try a new idea and we’re calling it….

Each week, we’ll post a random question.
Share your answer, and little by little, we’ll get to know each other Tally!

Want to give us the random question of the week?
Contact us!

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