Who Are You, Q:1

Who Are You, Q:1

Who Are You is the newest way to connect.  Each week, we’ll post a random question.  Share your answer, and little by little, we’ll get to know each other Tally.  This week’s random question is…

How long have you lived in Tally?

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  1. A year and a half. After AR, FL (Destin), VA and TN I think we have finally settled here!

    1. Wow Kelly. That’s a lot of different places you’ve lived. Welcome home to Tally!

  2. Moved to Tally in 2000, on my own, thinking it was just for college. 12 years later, I guess I’m staying. My husband (boyfriend at the time) joined me a year or so after I moved, we got married and started our family here, and slowly but surely convinced my parents and sister to join us, making the move from South Florida. It’s strange to think that my kids will say they’re “from Tallahassee” but it’s nice to put our own roots somewhere together and watch our family grow. We love living in Tally.