Seems when a person achieves a level of maturity known by people all over the world who want to sell stuff, they get  your name and cell phone or email.  Are you there yet?  I am.

Some are so outrageous, I have to save them to show you.  Here are a few of my favorites from those who believe us to be doddering old fools.

From: “Your USPS”  Sent from: (TIMEOUT) Slovakia (SK)
Scores:  Spam: 37 Tot: 37 Probability: 88% (4758 bytes)

(SPAM) For The Smoker You Love!  Guess what – there isn’t a smoker I’d ever love!  not even from the Netherlands!
So, okay, I bought a pipe to be used, sans tobacco, for use in an Irish play last year, and now some bozo in the Netherlands thinks i want an electronic cigarette?
(Though i did see a commercial for one with the tag line, “We’re all adults here.” Right Honey, but you’re an adult with an oral fixation, Buster!
From: “Free Electronic Cigarette”  Sent from: Netherlands (NL)
Scores:  Spam: 18 Tot: 18 Probability: 66% (159460 bytes)

Had to laugh at these two.  Seriously, I am NOT into cigars for any reason.  Oh, but it’s from Luxembourg, so it’s legit, right?
SPAM) The Perfect Premium Cigar Sampler
From: “Premium Cigars”  Sent from: (TIMEOUT) Luxembourg (LU)
Scores: Adlt: 3 Spam: 43 Tot: 46 Probability: 84% (289901 bytes)
Report error:
[  ]Deliver [  ]Trust Sender – Msg ID:(NXE8121113141419672) Ignore the “trust sender on this one!”

(SPAM) The Perfect Premium Cigar Sampler  Just what I need a “Premium Cigar Sampler.”
Received: Tuesday, Nov 13, 2012 at 2:26pm
From: “Best Cigar Sampler Deals”  Sent from: (TIMEOUT)  (??)Must be from outer space – a Martian cigar dealer?
Scores:  Spam: 40 Tot: 40 Probability: 71% (7914 bytes)
Report error:
[  ]Deliver [  ]Trust Sender – Msg ID:(NX92121113142628404) Nope, not trusting this one either!

Do not despair:  If you aren’t old enough to be harassed by Spam and telemarketers, don’t fret – you’ll get there!  What do you do about spam?  Not the kind in the can!  That’s Spam and some of us love it!

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  1. I made the mistake of giving my e-mail address to get an estimate on roofing shingle. I have had phone calls as well as e-mail spam. The online suggestions to block spam is as follows:

    By using a fake email address and a spam filter for your email-client, you should be protected enough from spam emails. You are able to block spam email by 98% or more. There is no need to buy any commercial products if the free products work for you. However some people receive up to 2000 spam mails daily! In such a case a free email filter might still not be good enough.

    I personally use as my fake email address and on my PC at home. In the office we use a paid solution from SpamInspector.

    If you pay money for a spam email filter make sure that you can test it. You should at least filter 95% of your spam. If not don’t buy it and go for another solution.

    There are x-hundreds of commercial spam filtering software on the market. To choose your preferred solution takes a great amount of time. The 3 above mentioned products are leaders in the industry and have the best cost/performance ratio.

  2. Everyday I delete at least 6-10 spam emails at work and at home. My favorite is the guy/woman from Nigeria who has access to a fortune but needs MY help to get to it. All I need to do is deposit a check in my bank and send them one in return. Yeah, right. Now I’m getting spam from UPS, Better Business Bureau, the US Post Office. Now even if it does look legit, I don’t open it if it’s not from someone to whom I sent something or a relative.

  3. It is sad but spam exists because people fall for it. I’ve started getting spam texts – using my name. They start with “Hey Libby” so they look legit but they come from a number not in my contacts. They are for those stupid electronic cigarettes. Like I’d believe some obscure “friend” is going to send me an add for an electronic cigarette?? Why would anyone want an electronic cigarette? Try gum and baby carrots and kick the habit like the rest of us.

    I use my spam filter on Yahoo too, then empty it without looking at them. I guess I need a spam filter for my phone!

  4. I don’t know how, but somehow spammers should be prevented from sending out their garbage to the entire world.

  5. Spam on Yahoo goes right to that folder…A beneficial word is if you don’t know who the sender of the email is, simply don’t open it. Report abuse as well.