I Should Have Known Better!

I Should Have Known Better!

Do you bake?  I do and have always been pretty good at it, so why I thought the “healthy recipe,” would turn out well, eludes me.  A muffin recipe I was given while in the medical program earlier this year.

What with cooler weather and my boredom with the usual breakfast items I consume, I thought, “why not try the muffin recipe?”

I should have known a recipe for muffins with no egg in it couldn’t possibly turn out well, and unfortunately, I was right.  I’m including the photo of the misshapen, lumpy, and really awful muffins.

Sure, they might be healthy, with the chopped apple and currents and scarce amount of sugar, but appealing and tasty they are not.  Wondering how not to waste them, the only solution I could come up with, is drenching them in maple syrup, hardly the “healthy” outcome the recipe purveyor expected.  I should have known better and I sure will next time!

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  1. I must admit that those look really sad! I don’t usually care what something looks like as long as it tastes good but those are little beyond me! I like to try new recipes, healthy or not, and use my family as “official taste testers.” Most of the time they are happy with my experiments but sometimes….not so much. I made something one time that my “four-legged kids” wouldn’t even eat! Pretty bad, huh?

  2. I have been cooking without eggs for many years. It does take some work to change a “normal” recipe to one without using ingredients like sugar, eggs, and white flour but it is possible. Over the years I’ve been able to adapt recipes but here’s one from a cookbook called Natural Food Cookbook by Mary Estella (Vegetarian Dairy-Free Cuisine).
    My Basic Muffin Recipe:
    2c ww pastry flour 1 c cornmeal
    1T baking powder 1 t cinnamon
    1/8 t sea salt 1/2 c maple syrup
    1/2 corn oil 3/4 c water
    4 oz tofu or 2 eggs
    Sift dry ingredients in large bowl. Mix liquid ingredients together. Puree tofu in blender with wet ingredients until creamy smooth. Add wet to dry, mix gently – don’t over-mix. Oil muffin tin and bake for 20 minutes in preheated oven at 375 degrees. If batter is too dry add 1/4 c extra water .
    Variations: add 1 cup blueberries or 1 1/2 c cranberries & 1/2 c toasted, chopped walnuts. You can also substitute white unbleached flour for cornmeal or ww flour for lighter muffin. You can also substitute honey or barley malt for maple syrup.

    I also use rice syrup instead of maple syrup.

    1. These sound delicious and healthy. The no-dairy eating is new to me, so any recipe shared is a treasure. I will definitely try these. Besides, anything with maple syrup in it, has to be good! Thank you for sharing.

  3. The egg substitute should work fine. I forgot the egg is waffles last week, and they came out just fine! Go figure…

  4. I’d rather be “unhealthy” than to eat that horrible looking stuff. I remember at Christmas we use to have Italian honey balls. The only way you could eat them was to drench them in honey. My father use to make all sorts of things without a recipe. Honey balls were one of many we would eat not to hurt his feelings.

  5. I see the muffins you baked and think: freeze each individually and when you’re having a small cup of fat free and sugar free yogurt, use a muffin, all crumbled up, as a topping.
    You’ve seen the yogurt in the grocery store with toppings. Not very good
    stuff. Your crumbled-muffin-topping would be good for you.
    Then of course if you have yogurt ice cream or regular low sugar and low
    fat ice cream, you can add the smashed apple current muffin and mix it all
    For next time, as Libby Lou suggested, you could use an egg substitute
    in the recipe.
    I usually burn my baked goods. I’m not a good baker.

  6. Some foods just can’t get the healthy treatment and still taste good and have a pleasing texture. Did you try an egg substitue? Health food stores carry products that have been around for years. I can picture the box, it has lots of red on it, but don’t remember the name. Main dishes & sides are much easier. I admire you for trying baked goods, that’s a tough one. Like your gluten free coffee cake 🙂

    I’ve used ground flax seed & water to bind veggie loafs and nutballs. Yes, nutballs. They are the best! Tasty and guaranteed to get a laugh when you tell people what they are.

    1. See, the recipe didn’t call for ANY eggs, so I wondered how good it could possibly be and I should have listened to my inner voice. Since I have to be dairy-free, yogurt is not on my horizon, though I have found cultured almond milk. Update: the muffins are sticky and wouldn’t crumble if I beat them with a stick. Ah well, the lessons we learn…..