We are so grateful to Russell Grace Images and Images of Tallahassee for their extremely kind offer to allow TallyConnection to feature their artwork on our website.  As you’ve likely noticed, this art has brought an amazing artistic element to TallyConnection, capturing the beautiful city we live in and it’s most treasured scenes.  The above scenes are new to TallyConnection.

Spend a few moments soaking up the local artwork on our homepage as beautiful scenes scroll.  Can you guess where the images were captured?

Do you have any local artwork in your home?


Russell Grace Collections : Capturing a once-in-a-lifetime image is euphoric; and when Russell Grace looks at the photographs he has taken during these rare, powerful moments, he re-experiences the same sense of awe and the same palette of emotions that were with him in that original instant. He hopes that, on some level, his images have the same effect on other people who see them. He often photographs familiar scenes and locations, but he always challenges himself to find a way to make his images unique. By uniting these two elements of the known subject and the new perspective; he strives to create a body of work that emotionally engages the viewer.

Images of Tallahassee :Images of Tallahassee specializes in local and regional landscape photography featuring Tallahassee landmarks, canopy roads, North Florida coastlines and beaches, the University of Florida campus and athletic scenes, and Florida State University campus and athletic scenes. A variety of cameras are used to produce our images including film (mostly medium format) and full frame sensor (22 Mega Pixel) digital cameras that produce incredibly high detail and color accuracy. Our custom framing shop includes hundreds of mat colors and textures and a variety of frame styles and colors. The entire process takes place in our shop. We also offer printing and photo restoration services.