TallyConnection brought to you by: FSU Credit Union: Committed to Member & Consumer Financial Education

Florida State University Credit Union, proudly presents to to you, TallyConnection, fulfilling a commitment to offer our community valuable resources, enriching and connecting us all.

FSU Credit Union is equally committed to member and consumer financial education; in addition we are committed to educating members and consumers, alike, about credit union uniqueness, philosophy, and values. Throughout Florida State University Credit Union’s strategic plan, we will put forth every effort to enable our members to become financially self-sufficient and successful. We will place high importance on consumer education and the teaching of financial thrift. ┬áIn keeping with this, many online tools are available to use, both for yourself, as well as to start teaching your children about early financial skills, so check them out here.

When you have a financial need or question arise, consider giving FSU Credit Union the chance the assist you.


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