Celebrate Your Pet during National Pet Month: Chained Dog Update

There are so many reasons to celebrate May!  Mother’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, Armed Forces Day, National Maritime Day and Memorial Day, plus lots of family birthdays and anniversaries and yes, even National Pet Month.

While contemplating all the special days in this busy month, I thought I should bring you an update of the Chained Dog status I posted a few weeks ago.

The chained dog next door has been liberated of his chain in favor of – after my repeated complaints – an electric fence installed around a section of the backyard.  A big improvement, I thought.  Not so much.  Still nothing for the dog to play with, chew on, and no human attention at all.

He is so large now and after being “friended” half to death by a young, energetic stray black lab last week – I have the bruises to prove it – I hesitate stepping into the yard next door as his exuberance at someone paying attention to him would result in my injury.

Just now, I snapped some photos of Moose the dog, to discover he is back on a chain and as you can see from the picture, he was tearing into an empty dog food bag, trying to get some morsels.  The yard is barren and he has nothing to make his life less boring, but occasional pieces of construction debris.  When I first became concerned about the dog’s treatment, I received a veiled threat should I call Animal Control.  I can’t even bear to look out into the yard now, knowing that poor animal is there.

In this situation, what would you do?

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