See Spot Run: Tallahassee Pet Sitting & Anytime Care

See Spot Run: Tallahassee Pet Sitting & Anytime Care


See Spot Run, LLC has closed.  Feel free to contact us for personal recommendations of other pet care options in Tallahassee.


Several months ago, The Team @ Tally Connection had the pleasure of meeting Rachel, owner of See Spot Run.  We have been following along as life long pet lover, Rachel, took her nurturing skills to the next level, starting her very own pet sitting and care business.  We are overly impressed with her dedication to offering our community a reliable and valuable service, in a customized fashion, meeting the needs of many.  If you are a pet owner, please tune in to this post.  You and your Spot will be glad you did!

Who is See Spot Run?


We are full-time pet sitters and dog walkers. 

See Spot Run, LLC, is officially incorporated as a local dog walking and pet sitting business based in Tallahassee, Florida. Rachel, See Spot Run’s founder , has been taking care pets for– well, she can’t remember not being a pet owner and having a natural love for animals! Having received a Bachelor’s in Biology and being raised with a Japanese Akita named Grace and a Jack Russell mix that Rachel named Oreo, Rachel was exposed to the many responsibilities of a pet owner at an early age and the unconditional love and affection that pets graciously give us when we give them the proper respect.

We are bonded and insured. 

Our goal is to give YOU the peace of mind and freedom you deserve by offering trusted, quality care with one-on-one time reserved exclusively (that means no double-bookings!) for your dogs, cats, birds, and other members of your pet family. By offering pet sitting, house sitting, and overnight stays in YOUR home in Tallahassee and dog walking (verified by GPS) in your neighborhood, we enable Spot and Fluffy to relax in their own home (phew!) and we enable you to travel, work, and enjoy leisure time worry-free! We are bonded (we’re honest) and insured (we’re careful) through Pet Sitter Associates. 

We use GREEN materials. 

See Spot Run only uses biobased pet waste bags. Bio-based pet waste bags are 38% Bio-based using American-grown agricultural product. Our bio-based bags, from local business Greentrees Pet Waste Removal Service, require less petroleum than other bags and are a USDA- Certified Bio-based product.
We are pet lovers! 

We give your pet family the love and affection that they have come to expect from you! As licensed, bonded, and insured pet sitters serving Tallahassee with pet sitting and dog walking services, we offer professionalism, guaranteed fun (fetch, tug-of-war, and tummy tickles are high on our list of things to do!) , proven peace of mind, and almost 20 years of experience.
  • We are dependable 100% of the time.
  • We are not your neighbor’s kid! ‘Nuff said.
  • We know you and your pet family will love us!

Photo Gallery

Meet the furry friends we currently have the pleasure of caring for when you check out our website’s Photo Gallery and our Facebook page.

Why Hire See Spot Run?

See Spot Run’s pet sitters and dog walkers help out a range of clients with their pets. Clients that:

  • Have a new baby
  • Travel frequently
  • Cannot properly exercise their pets due to mobility issues
  • Work long hours
  • Take a vacation
  • Need help house-breaking a puppy
  • Need consistent care for their pets
  • Have pets with separation anxiety
…these are just the first of many reasons to invest in pet sitting, dog walking, or overnight stays offered by See Spot Run.
For your convenience, we have designed our services to be budget-friendly, guaranteed! All care is done in your home to allow your pet family to remain in the familiar, calming environment that they love! All care includes a text or email letting you know when we have arrived and left. Additionally, we take photos (or even short videos) of your pet family while we are providing care to send to you! Your peace of mind is our top priority.

How to Hire See Spot Run?

1. You contact us via email, text message or phone.

Most frequently, new prospective clients contact us by phone. Here, we answer any immediate questions that you may have about our services, pricing, experience of our petsitters, dates that you need our services, frequency of services, etc. Really, we answer any questions you may have and learn as much as we can about your needs, your pets, and their personalities! Based on your pets’ personalities and needs, we seek to pair you with the perfect pet sitter! During this time, we also set up a FREE meet n greet with the petsitter we believe will be best suited to you and your pets’ needs! All of our sitters are bonded and insured; we would trust them to stay with our grandmothers if we needed to!

2. We meet you and your pets.

Next, we actually go to your home and visit you and your pets in their own environment. We believe that this is the perfect time to get a feel for their needs to be able to provide the best petsitting, dog walking, and catsitting care here in Tallahassee! During this time, we go over paperwork and the forms necessary to begin care with your pets. Our paperwork currently includes the following: veterinary release, profile, contract, and key release. The veterinary release allows us to , in the very unlikely event, take your pet to the vet that they normally go to if need be; it also allows us to know who your emergency vet is. We take these additional precautions to give you peace of mind! We also fill out a client profile, one for each of your pets. This tells us the pet’s likes and dislikes, any medications, or special quirks you want us to know about you pets. (Like, do we need to wear a suit when we come over because your kitty is used to superior service?) Additionally, we fill out a client contract; this form lets you know what to expect from us, and what we expect from you. We take care of our petsitting and dogwalking services with the utmost care! Lastly, we obtain the keys necessary to take care of your pets. We furnish you with a copy of all these documents so that you are constantly kept in the loop of care for your pets.

3. You tell us when you need us.

After our meet and greet, we are able to schedule services with you. Does your Spot need 3 walks a day 5 days of the week? Is he an older dog who just wants someone to come love on him and let him out a few times a day? Do you need someone to stop by to let your new puppy out to help with housebreaking? Does your cat love a warm lap to meow on? Does your pooch need a loving petsitter to curl up with at night? Let us know! We are more than happy to provide for these and any other petsitting and dog walking needs.

4. You keep receiving peace of mind.

We know that it’s hard to be away from your pets and need to be kept in the loop as much as possible! We understand! That’s why when we arrive at your home to give your pets the care they need, we send you a text or email to let you know we are there, complete with photo verification. Also we update you with photos on our Facebook page, taken while we are giving your pets service! We enable you to keep a real-time photo reference on our Facebook page as we add these photos seamlessly through the visit! It’s just like you are there with us! Lastly, when we leave, we provide you with a complete report of our visit with your pets! We include any behavior changes, the time we arrived and left,  and details about the service! Additionally, when you book dog walks with us, we send you an email that allows you to view the actual route taken, including time, elevation, speed,  average and pace! Book your services today!

How to Contact See Spot Run?

Schedule a FREE Meet-n-Greet Today!

Call or Text Us On The Phone

Call us right now at (850) 296-SPOT (7768).

Send Us A Message

Use the contact form to the right on our website and let us know your needs. We aim to respond to each message within 24 hours, normally within 4 hours.

How to Save with See Spot Run?

Our Referral Program

Refer a friend and their pet(s) to See Spot Run and both you and the friend you refer receive the same value service free when you book at least 2 services!

Our Neighbors Program

When you refer a neighbor (within a 1-mile radius), both you and your neighbor receive 5% off services if both you and the neighbor book and use services within the same month.



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