Boomer Alert! Boomer Alert! Let’s Go Back to the Future! Don’t Miss It! Boomer Expo, by AARP & Tallahassee Senior Center

You know you’re climbing the aging ladder and if you’re close to hitting 65, you’ve made it to Boomer.  Hurray!  Life gets even more interesting if you’ll let it.

For one thing, you’re looking forward to leaving the work force, or actually have retired.  Sure, your knees may creak and all those rock concerts may have affected your hearing, and you can get away with saying things you never could when you were younger.

Being Boomer is good, considering the alternative.

So what are you going to do about it?  Certainly not sit around bemoaning the fact you’re no longer young.  Facts are, men who aren’t actively engaged in hobbies, organizations, physical activities, tend to die 2 ½ years after they retire.

C’mon, we don’t want you to fade out of sight.

This is for you – Boomer Man, Boomer Woman!

The inaugural Boomer Expo – Boom Back to the Future!  Wednesday, Sept. 11, 3pm – 8 pm.

Co-sponsored by AARP (not just for old folks anymore) and the Tallahassee Senior Center for Active Adults (this means YOU).  There will be lots of local vendors, (look for FSU Credit Union), cultural activities, educational opportunities, health and fitness (let’s keep those bodies going strong), travel information (don’t you love having the time to travel?) and a wide array of places that need volunteers.

There will be Break-Out sessions about how to keep your brain at maximum capacity, all the great lifelong learning topics and locales, how to become an entrepreneur and grabbing a look at your life and What Comes Next.

Topping this all off is a terrific dinner speaker Dr. Bill Thomas, physician, author, teacher, and musician. He’s doing it all and he’s going to introduce you to  Life Reimagined and what it means to you as you explore your own path through this, the most rewarding part of life.


            Register by calling 877-926-8300 or by clicking here.  

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  1. My kids are getting older so fast and want to hang with their friends. I need ideas on how to keep me occupied with my new spare time. I already notice my cognitive skills slipping a smidge and I often call things by the wrong name. Thanks NanaJ!