Tallahassee Police Department – Searching for Door-to-Door Scam Duo


Tallahassee Police Department News Release

Police Searching for Door-to-door Scam Duo

David and Theresa Gibbs have been knocking on the doors of Tallahassee residents unsolicited and requesting to be loaned funds under the guise of an emergency circumstance. They have specifically targeted vulnerable citizens defined as ‘Elderly’ or ‘Disabled’ under Florida Statues. Despite the promise of repayment, they have not repaid any known victims. They prey on the kindness and good hearted nature of their victims.

The Tallahassee Police Department’s Financial Crimes Unit has obtained warrants for David and Theresa Gibbs for Organized Scheme to Defraud, Exploitation of an Elderly or Disabled Adult, and Grand Theft.

David Gibbs: DOB – 10/22/1971, 5’08’ 155 LBS., Blue Eyes
Theresa Gibbs: DOB – 03/18/1965, 5’05’ 200 LBS. Brown Eyes

David and Theresa Gibbs have been known to frequent local area hotels. If you know the whereabouts of David or Theresa Gibbs, please contact the Tallahassee Police Department at 850-891-4200. If you or someone you know have loaned money to David or Theresa Gibbs, please contact Tallahassee Police Department Investigator Warren at 850-891-4417.

Contact: David Northway, Public Information Office, (850) 891-4255

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  1. Penny you are very brave. I tried to help the homeless on the streets of downtown Tallahassee and street corners in Jacksonville, Fl and finally gave up. The same people came everyday and it was difficult to talk with them. I attempted to talk with some of them, gave them money and food with strange reactions from some of the people. I was told by some of the local busisnesses to be careful, some of them get upset and become difficult to deal with. I wouldn’t open my door to strangers

  2. Hope these wretched folk seek and find some real assistance rather than skulking from door to door.
    If I ever meet them I will give them food and drink if they are hungry and thirsty and direct them to Grace Mission on Bronough, the Shelter on Tennessee, and the police station for emergency help.
    Then I will call the police department to give them the news.