Circle Girl Salvage

If you follow the Tally Connection blogs you likely recall hearing a bit about The Sharing Tree here within the last year.  If you’d like to get up to speed on The Sharing Tree, just click here to read an old blog post all about the place.  We also share events hosted by The Sharing Tree on our Community Calendar, such as the upcoming Kids Day on September 28th, where you can come for fun with crafts and more, plus, a special Storytime with TallyMom from 1pm to 2pm at The Tree.

Executive Director of The Sharing Tree, Carly, has been making the most gorgeous art from recycled and re-purposed materials for years and years.  Next time you’re at The Tree look around at the art on the walls and hanging up everywhere and when you’re impressed, send a smile over Carly’s way.  She’s the talented artist.

Recently, Carly has made things a bit more official and some of her famous circle art is now available for sale.  I’ve personally purchased two pieces so far and am in love.  I love knowing that the pieces were hand crafted with love and made from recycled materials.  I also love the simplicity of the messages on the pieces.  Here are the two Circle Girl Salvage pieces currently in my collection.  I think these would make excellent gifts for teachers and friends as well.

Brought to all Storytime with TallyMom events, of course 😉

Stay in touch with Circle Girl Salvage on Facebook to see what’s currently in the collection and to know when new pieces are added.  When you see a piece you love, add it to your art collection when you shop Carly Etsy’s store, or by contacting her directly at

Are you creative?  What do you like to create? 

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