Let’s Talk It Out!

Let’s Talk It Out!

Let's Talk It Out

The school year has only just begun and I already feel as if I’m losing touch with my first grade daughter.  She is privileged to attend a wonderful school and have a superb teacher.  I am consistently impressed with the variety of topics covered in the schoolwork she brings home each Friday after having completed it at school.  As a parent I feel connected to the school and to her teacher and welcome in the classroom and as a co-teacher, being sure to take responsibility for the home connect piece of the education puzzle.

Even still, I worry about the amount of time she is there and I am here.  There’s such a separation between parent and child for so many long hours day in and day out.  From last year, when Felicity started Kindergarten, to this year, now that she’s in first grade, I still haven’t quite made sense of the way we have things set up in our country, with so much of a child’s growth and development taking place away from and without their parent.  That’s just me though.  There are many that may relate, and I am sure there are many who have a “she’s crazy” face on right now.

I think we can all agree though, that no matter the age or the number of hours and minutes in the day which we are physically together, parents and children should have daily moments of connecting in a real and genuine way.  As I felt these moments slipping away over the past few weeks I needed a tool to stop that from continuing.  It’s nothing ground breaking, but for all of the visual people in the world, like me, much less the busy ones (who’s not?!) it’s a nice tool to help remind us to make that daily connection with our kids.

Here are the questions on our “Let’s Talk It Out” menu…

  1. Tell me about the best part of your day….
  2. Tell me about the worst part of your day….
  3. What was your favorite thing you learned about today?
  4. What was the hardest thing you worked on today?
  5. Tell me about something nice you did for someone else…
  6. Who did you enjoy playing with today?

Feel free to download and print a copy of “Let’s Talk It Out” for your own home by clicking here: Let’s Talk It Out!

We have the tool hanging where it’s highly visible from our kitchen.  Whether we actually end up having that sit down, family dinner together each night or not, I always seem to be in the kitchen at the end of the day doing something, so the tool catches my eye and reminds me to check in with Felicity and Owen.  Some days I ask all of the questions.  Some days, now that we’ve been at it for a few weeks, she answers all of the questions without me even actually asking.  Some days she ain’t havin’ it and we just talk about something else.  It’s just a  tool and it’s been working pretty well for us.

How do you stay connected with your kids as they get older, more independent & busier? 

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