Officially Autumn

Officially Autumn

Ah, autumn.  My air conditioning is still turned on, but it doesn’t run continually now.  I love autumn.  The memories of leaves turned brilliant red, deep gold, a rich mahogany, still lingers from when I was a child in the North.

Here in North Florida, if we have a bit of a cool snap, the leaves do turn, but not the intense colors of our neighbors to the north.  Still autumn, even further south, where I used to reside, marks a change and an anticipation of the season to come.

For us southerners, autumn means the time to plan our winter garden, the vegetables and flowers that thrive in cooler temperatures.  Tomatoes are gone, but broccoli arrives.  All the green leafy veggies like spinach, lettuces and kale are just waiting to be planted.  Hearty vegetables like brussel sprouts, cabbage and turnips are chomping at the bit to be in the garden.

As autumn moves into winter – predicted to be a long and cold one this year, so says the Farmer’s Almanac.  Just think of the warming bowls of homemade vegetable soup, made from what you’ve grown.

I even enjoy the dried grasses and plants as they transition from green to beautiful shades of brown, almost proudly declaring how well they presented themselves from spring through summer.  Sometimes I collect the more interesting shapes for a small bouquet to grace my dining table.

To me, everything seems more enjoyable in autumn.  No dripping with sweat as you move through outdoor activities, a kind of hush in late afternoons, snuggling into a favorite jacket, warm cider, a time to contemplate the past and plan for the future.  I’m drawn to this season and find my musings poignant, remembering those no longer with us, but lingering on the good memories, brings me joy for the knowing and loving them.

What about you?  Do you too love autumn?  If not, what is your favorite season?

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  1. I have always enjoyed Fall. I remember as a child collecting leaves for our school project. We would place several dried leaves between 2 pieces of waxed paper and press the edges of the waxed paper together with a warm iron. These pieces were proudly displayed in our classroom.

    Today I still enjoy the colors of the leaves in the fall. I don’t enjoy when Fall turns to Winter and the air is bitter and the snow starts to fall.

  2. For my family it means that we go for walks again, the baby doesnt mind the stroller or a little sun, we dont melt halfway through. It’s been great to be able to go outside again!

  3. I have “Leaves” in my car freshener! There is nothing like a good foliage, New England at best, but wherever in the country they are, they are all LIFE’S MIRACLES and beautiful to behold! My windows are OPENED!

  4. Autumn brings cooler weather for entertaining indoors and out. The children now ask to go outside to ride bikes, rip sticks, scooters and to play with neighborhood friends. It is fun to watch their happy faces and hear their laughter as they exchange stories. We celebrate by going to fall festivals. These festivals provide great family fun and are a perfect place to shop for those hard-to-buy-for people on our Christmas list. I researched fall festivals online and found something going on in every part of the state almost every weekend from now until Thanksgiving.

  5. Though I no longer live in the south, I still remember the relief of waking up one morning and finding that autumn had arrived. The air seemed to be fresher, the sky clearer, and the “no sweat” time was always welcome.

  6. I’m from further south in Clearwater Florida, so my real first autumn was in Tallahassee my freshman year at Florida State. I picked up a red leaf riding home on my bike and mounted it in my room! It was a novel thing to me at the time. Autumn is the time of year the waves get better for the surfers, too. I love summer with the warmth and my travels, but autumn gives the perfect and relaxing denoument.

  7. We are so ready for some drier, cooler weather. This time of year makes me miss having young children. Cool or even cold days are perfect for trips to the theme parks or a zoo. We can be outdoors all day without sweating. Once we start seeing all the pumpkin spiced goodies show up virtually everywhere the holiday season isn’t far off!

  8. Nothing is more beautiful than autumn in the Midwest, especially driving through the hills of Pennsylvania. The colors are brilliant and as you view the trees, it is a constant mass of reds, golds, yellow, burnt orange.
    The best part of autumn for your children is racking the leaves into a large pile and jumping into the center.
    Of course, don’t forget the constant racking, use of a blower and shoveling the leave into bags for the rubbish company to pick up.
    We’re big on outdoor decorations for Halloween which begins the first of October and our annual trip to the apple orchards for “fresh” cider and apple cobbler.