Pink Pianos

Pink Pianos


Pianos have been showing up just about everywhere around the world. From street corners to coffee shops, from office buildings to open-air markets, anyone can play and enjoy music with friends, family and even perfect strangers.

We’re going to offer the same opportunity here in Tallahassee from Thanksgiving through Christmas. We also plan on painting these pianos with a base coat of pink to keep a heightened awareness for people to take the necessary steps to detect breast cancer in its early stages.

With the blessings of our local American Cancer Society, we plan on:

  • Collecting up to 25 pianos (AMWAT moving and storage has agreed to do the collection);
  • Soliciting 25, $1,000 sponsors (each piano back will have a large sponsor sign);
  • Donate all proceeds to the American Cancer Society;
  • Identifying 25 locations for the pianos to be placed;

If you would like to donate your piano or make a comment/suggestion, please click the banner below and fill out the form so we can be in touch.

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  1. The Renditions, An Art Space Gallery would be happy to offer our gallery as a place for a piano to be placed. We are located in Railroad Square Art Park and we are one of the few places open 6 days a week.
    Ned Stacey