Giveaways for Good – Avago Mud Run for Cauzican Animal Rescue

Giveaways for Good – Avago Mud Run for Cauzican Animal Rescue

Winner Announcement

This giveaway has ended.  Congrats Stephanie.  We hope you have a great time getting muddy.  Thank you to everyone for your participation, helping us raise funds to donate to Cauzican Animal Rescue.


Calling all tough guys and gals in town.  It’s time for Tallahassee’s Dirtiest Race, the Avago Mud Run.  Ready for something a tad more exciting and challenging than you’re regular old 5K?  Ready to get a little messy while you’re getting your workout on?  Ready for a handsome reward awaiting you at the finish line?  This is it folks!

The Avago Mud Run is Tallahassee’s one and only Mud Race.  What is a Mud Race?  This one is a 3 mile run with crazy obstacles and deep mud pits.  Then what?  Live music and beer to celebrate!

At the Avago Mud Run dirty shoes will be complimentary and fun is guaranteed.  The event will be located on a horse farm with beautiful scenery to enjoy with every muddy step you take.

No need to leave town to participate in some fancy Mud Run or challenge elsewhere.  Save on gas and hotel expenses and stay in your hometown for the Avago Mud Run, which got better reviews than some of the big boys last year!


Three complimentary passes to participate in the Avago Mud Run on October 19,2013.

Learn more about the Avago Mud Run here.  

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FSU Credit Union will donate $1 per valid giveaway entry to benefit Cauzican Animal Rescue.




Official Rules: Giveaway | Giveaways For Good



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  1. I actually was going to pass on getting that dirty until I saw the race would benefit Cauzican Care. Now my sons and I are ready for the mud!