Stubbs Music Center | TA-DA Dance Studio | Jingle Jam

Stubbs Music Center | TA-DA Dance Studio | Jingle Jam

Stubbs Music Center is in their 43rd year of providing the best music education to the Tallahassee community and surrounding areas, and this year, they’ve expanded their offers to dance and music for babies and toddlers too, with the introduction of TA-DA Dance Studio and Jingle Jam.  Learn more about all arts for all ages when you continue reading…

Stubbs Music Center

Offering music classes and private instruction taught by one of twenty professional music educators within the finest facilities available.  Stubbs’ Music Center is dedicated to bringing the fun and enjoyment of music to students from birth to adulthood.  We provide a warm, caring, learning environment which features:

  • Five private piano studios
  • A acoustically precise recital hall
  • A thirteen station music theory computer and learning lab
  • Two group piano studios
  • A percussion studio
Instruction is available in groups and/or private lessons for:

  • Piano
  • Jazz Piano
  • Guitar (Acoustical, Electric and Bass)
  • Violin and Cello
  • Voice
  • Percussion
  • Woodwind Instruments
  • Brass Instruments
  • Music Theatre
Classes and lessons are available at Stubbs Music Center at 1260 Timberlane Road from 9:30 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 9:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. on Friday.  On Saturday instruction is available between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.  Instruction is also available in select local schools.  Learn more when you visit Stubbs Music Center online.

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TA-DA Dance Studio

Stubbs Music Center is excited to offer dance as part of our arts instruction.  We offer classes in:
  • Pre-ballet
  • Ballet
  • Tap
  • Lyrical
  • Hip hop
  • Irish Step Dancing
  • Non-competitive Dance Team
  • Non-competitive Flag Team
Learn more about each of these classes as you continue reading…
Princess Ballet (ages 2 -3):  This class is designed to get the very young child prepared for the world of ballet by introducing basic terms and technique in a fun environment.  This class also emphasizes skills such as taking turns, etiquette and manners.  Princess Dress Up Day is the first class of each month! Princess dress provided.
Ballet/Tap (ages 3 – 4) (ages 5 -7):  This class builds on skills learned during Pre-Ballet, emphasizing more complex ballet terms and technique.  The students also learn grace, flexibility, musicality and rhythm in a fun environment.  Students learn skills at the barre as well as on the open floor. Tap is also a part of this combination class.  Skills such as flaps, shuffles and hops are introduced and put into basic combinations.

Beginning Ballet (ages 8 – 10):  This class is for the middle elementary age student just beginning ballet.  Basic terms and technique are focused on as well as posture, musicality, rhythm and flexibility.  Students learn skills at the barre as well as on the open floor.

Beginning Tap  (ages 8 – 10)  This class is for the middle elementary age student just beginning tap.  Basic tap rhythms and steps are introduced in the Broadway / Fosse Style while creating fun combinations.
Beginning Jazz (ages 8 – 10):  This class is for the middle elementary age student just beginning jazz.  Basic jazz combinations are set to fun, current music.
Beginning Hip-Hop (ages 8 – 10):  This class is for the middle elementary to middle school student who has never had hip-hop or wants to brush up on their hip-hop skills.  Set to current, fun music, this class will introduce students to fun combinations using traditional styles.
Beginning Lyrical (ages 10+):  This class is a beautiful extension of ballet emphasizing musicality and rhythm.  Students will enjoy the freedom of this form of dancing and current style of music.
Adult Drop In Class (One hour / week):  This class will alternate each week between jazz, hip-hop and lyrical giving the students a wide variety of dance syles to explore and have fun learning.
Dance Team (5th – 8th grade):  Taught by a former Lincoln Dance Team Captain and Coach!  This class will help get you ready to try out for your high school dance team! Have fun learning pom routines, dance team jazz style and different combinations.  There is a pom and uniform fee.
Irish Step Dance
Wee Ones Irish Dance (ages 4 – 5):  This class introduces little ones to the world of Irish dancing.  Basic skills such as skipping are introduced as well as the basic steps of Irish dancing.  Simple combinations incorporate these new skills into dances set to Irish music.
Beginning Irish Dance (ages 6+) and (10+):  These classes introduce children to Irish soft shoe dances.  The students will lean the basic jig and reel steps that make up traditional progressive and ceildh (kay-lee) dances as well as choreographed dances.

Advanced Beginning Children’s Irish (ages 5+ one year required):  This class follows our Wee Ones Irish Class, building on the skills learned during the first year.  Dancers are introduced to hard shoe and will learn more complex set and choreographed dances.

Irish Kids’ Company:  This class is for students who have had several years of Irish dance training and are ready for a more intense study of this dance form.  Solo steps, heel clicks, ankle rocks, swivels and much more will be learned during this soft shoe / hard shoe combination class.  These dancers will have opportunities to perform in our local community.

Adult Irish Dance:  This class is a soft shoe / hard shoe combination class and is taught to the ability of the students in the class.  A GREAT form of exercise, have fun learning jig and reel steps that make up progressive and celidh (kay-lee) dances as well as choreographed dances.

Flag Twirling 

Flag Team (5th – 8th grade):  Taught by a former FSU Marching Chief Flag Twirler!! This class will help get you ready to try out for your high school flag team! Have fun learning different spins, swings, and tosses.  There is an equipment and uniform fee.
Stubbs’ Stars Theatre: This class is designed to open the minds and imaginations of Tallahassee’s youth through Performing Arts.  Theatre develops lifelong skills such as critical and creative thinking, artistic sensitivity, cooperation and self-confidence.  In the Stubbs’ STARS Theatre class, the process and product are of equal importance.  We will enrich the lives of young people by offering opportunities that will encourage both individual expression and teamwork.  We hope to provide theatrical programming that engages and inspires the child in all if us.  This class has two age groups, elementary and middle/high school.
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Jingle Jam

We created Jingle Jam to provide a high quality music program that keeps children motivated and stimulated with singing, playing, musical instruments, and moving to music. The classes assist children in expressing their emotions, gain self-confidence, increase vocabulary, learn to memorize, develop artistic appreciation, enhance socialization skills, follow directions, learn to pretend, participate in creative movement, improve physical coordination and listening skills. This program is designed for students between the ages of 6 months to 5 years of age with specialized attention to your child’s particular stage of development. Jingle Jam is a no-fail learning experience whereby all children will be successful while discovering the exciting world of musical sound and rhythm in high-energy classes.

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Stubbs Educational Foundation, Inc.

SEFThe Stubbs Educational Foundation was established as a community foundation and provides an avenue for all local music teachers to offer their instructional programs to scholarship students.  Currently five music schools and Tallahassee Community College provide instruction to SEF scholarship students.  To date, the foundation has awarded 60 scholarships valued at $483,954, has established 27 endowments, has established their annual fundraising event, Variety Extravaganza, and has partnered with various community organizations such as Good Samaritan, Boys Town of North Florida, Boys & Girls Club of the Big Bend, Lighthouse Children’s Home and Tallahassee Community College.

How can you become involved in supporting the Stubbs Educational Foundation?  There are several ways:

  1. Spread the word about the foundation to those you know in our community.
  2. Become involved in music and arts education in our community through your child’s school, after school activities and attending performances and shows.  (A great resource for this is COCA.)
  3. Advise school music teachers of your interest in quality music education for all children in Tallahassee and surrounding areas
  4. Know that music is fundamental to the development of a child’s mind and spirit.
  5. Donate to the foundation in any amount you can.
  6. Plan to attend (or contribute to the Silent Auction) the Variety Extravaganza, the annual Mardi Gras Ball, celebrating music in our community, and fundraising for the important work we do, providing scholarships to students desiring to receive a strong music education.
  7. Call to schedule a performance by the scholarship recipients at your event or home.

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